Bimbo Popper fun and other updates


Last week I spoke with my devoted sub PJ. He’s doing well, following the lifestyle rules of Deity Piper. Another fun call was with a pillow humper. I don’t remember the pillow’s name but his humiliation was hysterical. It was a full-sized body pillow from Japan with the face and body of an Anime character. This guy was talking dirty to the pillow like he was a porn star. Complete with references how he was going to dick down the pillow real good with his 3 inch dick! haha

Nikki is doing absolutely fantastic. I encourage the sissy self-hypnosis every chance I get. She spends her time cooking cotton balls soaked in poppers in a plastic bag. If you like doing forced intoxication I highly recommend doing it. Then it’s time for Bimbo Blast Off! The intox of sissy self hypno and poppers are the perfect combo to get you into a nice mind fuck situation. Speaking of Nikki, she got so worked up on poppers and SSH she did an in call with a TS chick. The Tranny had a nice 9 inch cock Nikki serviced while wearing a sexy pair of panties and a shiny set of nipple clamps. I spoke with the Tranny Girl and told her Nikki was a bad girl and needed to be punished. LOL

In other blog news, I’ve decided to take away password protection to my site so that I can post about my blog on Niteflirt. It seems the powers that be don’t care for pw protected areas on blogs if they are going to be on Niteflirt. Now ALL areas of my blog are public. Petunia aka Eva will be an admin on this site so stay tuned for her posts and contributions.