2 Girl Calls

2 girl calls on NiteflirtHappy Hump Day!

Just wanted to fill you in on some updates regarding two girl calls with me and Miss Andie. First of all to those new to my listing or Miss Andie’s, you’ll notice that our top 2-3 rated listings change from “2 girls available…” to our *regular* listing. This is to reflect that there is just 1 of us available on our listings. If you added either of us to your favorites only because we do 2 girl calls, don’t worry… our set up has gone so well, we now make sure to get together between a few to several times a week. Both of our schedules can get hectic and Andie still does hair so unfortunately we don’t have a set schedule. We send out Niteflirt mails informing guy that we will be on. We also update my Twitter and Andie’s Twitter accounts. Be sure to follow us if you use Twitter!

On another related note… we’ve decided to cut down on the time we spend swapping out our reg listing info with 2 girl info by only changing the top rated listings. (This means 2-3 of the top listings.) Never to fear! If you are interested in speaking with both of us but the listing you’d like to call is still set at a “regular” listing… call ANY of the listings titled “2 girls available” and you can talk to us about that topic. I suggest you take the top 2 listings and add 1 of them to your favorites. So don’t worry… if you aren’t into humiliation but call that line because it’s set to 2 girls, we can talk about any of the topics that are listed in either my listings OR Andie’s.